Types Of Coffee Grinders & Everything You Need To Know About Them

Growing up as a coffee addict I was very much familiar with those fancy bulky grinders – Now known as blade grinders.

These used to have a cap on top. You’ll simply pour the beans, put the cap tightly and press the start button to get the blade spinning and grinding the beans.


Over the years, we have seen some great revolution in the way coffee is grinded.

Types Of Coffee Grinders

Today, I’ll be discussing the types of coffee grinders.

SPOILER: I’m not going to take you through a list of hundred different types since there are only two main being used commonly in homes and coffee shops.

coffee grinder

Well, I still have my mother’s old-fashioned blade grinder as an antique piece, sitting somewhere behind one of the kitchen cabinets but every time I go through the modern coffee grinders, there is always something that makes me think of how technology has shaped our lives and made it easier.

I mean, if I were to grind coffee using an old blade grinder now, firstly I’ll have the neighbors on my entire street banging my door…Secondly, I’ll have to wait for hell too long to get the perfect grind and still there would be uneven grounds resting on the bottom.

Anyhow…leaving the past behind, here are two types of coffee grinders used worldwide and what exactly you need to know about them.

1: Blade Grinder

coffee grinder

These are an upgraded form of those old-fashioned coffee grinders but with less noise, more power and better grind quality.

It can be of any design and shape but has the same operation.

Inside the grinder, there is a very sharp “stainless steel” blade, mounted on a very powerful motor.

You pour the fresh coffee grounds, press the start button, and it will grind.

Normally these coffee grinders have one or two-speed settings. While there are grinders with grind settings but it is rare to find them in a blade grinder.

2: BURR Grinders

These are the modern and popular coffee grinders. It has exactly the same operation with the only difference that it is made up of two revolving abrasive surfaces, which we called burrs.

However, a burr grinder further has two types:

  • Flat burr grinders
  • Conical burr grinders

coffee grinder

While both of them do the same thing, grind – The only difference is between the surfaces, which can be changed and this will change the size of grind.

This is one of the main reasons as to why coffee fanatics like me choose burr grinders over the blade. It grounds uniformly, and you have full control over the grind quality.

To be honest, getting a uniform grind in a blade grinder is almost impossible, especially if you need a coarse grind. This is something only burr grinders can perfectly do.

Which Type is Recommended for you?

coffee grinder

This is something entirely up to you.


There are multiple factors. For example, your budget, how accurate you need the grounds to be and your love for coffee.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution and don’t care much about the uniformity of beans, and can live your life with such brews, go for a blade grinder.


If, even a minor change in the taste of coffee makes you feel uncomfortable sipping it, then go for a burr grinder.

It allows you to control the grind quality. While they are slightly expensive than the blade ones, they also come in various shapes and sizes.

If you have a strong bond with espresso, you badly need a burr grinder right now.

On average, an electric burr grinder costs between $60 to $600. The cost varies depending on its size, shape, quality, brand and grind settings.

What’s More?

Though you have picked a grinder, blade or burr, the next thing to ensure is choosing freshly ground coffee. Don’t buy coffee which is more than two weeks old. You won’t get a great taste and quality brew.

Also, never grind more than required quantity. For the sake of an example, I drink 4 cups of coffee daily. To save my time, I would grind enough coffee that could last for three days. Once finished, I would again grind the same quantity.

Make sure you don’t grind too much of it that it’ll start losing its taste and flavor.

With all that in mind, you can choose a coffee grinder wisely and get the best coffee grind for your next brew.

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