An Interview With A Passionate Coffee Lover & Expert (Top Questions About Coffee Answered)

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Tomorrow is Sunday and i had the chance to put on something very interesting.

We recently spoke to Ria Sim, a passionate coffee lover and who runs a very informative blog Cafe And The City.

It was a very nice discussion and we requested Ria to answer some of the questions commonly asked about coffee or the way it is brewed.

ria sim


Angela: First all we’d like to know how you got started with your blog?

Ria: I post my passion for coffee, food, and art each day with a touch of humor. I created Cafe and the City out of my love for San Francisco and want to share the charm it has to offer. Being a cafe wanderer and frequent visitor to New York, I’d like to take my readers through my discoveries of the two cities that capture my heart. Come with me on a journey to my next coffee adventure.

Angela: How long you’ve been attached with coffee? (Your personal and emotional attachment with this drink)

Ria: I only started to drink coffee about 7 years. Before that I drank it sparingly. I started to fall in love with coffee when I discovered the many amazing cafes in SF and NYC. That’s really when my obsession began. I love going to cafes, smelling the aroma of coffee all around me, and simply enjoying the vibe of the cafe.

Angela:  Can coffee lead to dehydration (debunk this myth)

Ria: In my opinion you get dehydrated if you lack water. It doesn’t take coffee to dehydrate you…there’s alcohol too. I drink a lot of water everyday so regardless if I had x amount of coffee…I’m fine.

Angela: How to brew the best cup of coffee?

Ria: Honestly, I really don’t know. I brew a simple cup of coffee at home every morning but will go to my local cafe for the serious stuff! The key is also great beans!!

Angela: How many cups of coffee do you recommend drinking per day?

Ria: I can’t “recommend” how many someone should drink. It’s really a preference or choice. Some people need 2-3 cups a day and some 1/2 cup. It all depends in my opinion.

Angela: Which coffee maker do you recommend to brew a perfect cup?

Ria: I have a simple Cuisinart coffee maker(its old). Easy to use and clean. One day I want to get the Breville. I have a French press which I enjoy. There’s so many out there that’s so amazing. I’m in love with the La Marzocco Linea Mini. I doubt I’ll ever own one (pretty expensive)…so I literally sketch the machine and pretend to play barista (see my ig video post featuring the Linea).

Angela: A final take you would like to give to our readers about coffee

Ria:Coffee, in my opinion is based on taste and preference…like wine. I really can’t tell someone to not drink a particular brand. Something I love may not be thrilling to someone else and visa versa. What I recommend is to not be afraid and sample as much as possible. Regardless if it’s a unknown brand…or a brand not too popular, try it! Same with going to cafes…don’t forget to take a left turn and check out that little unknown cafe, you’ll never know what you’ll discover. I see coffee is a journey and one of the fun thing about a journey is finding the unexpected!! Don’t stress…just enjoy the process and have fun!

We thanks Ria a lot for sparing her precious time for us and our readers and sharing her thoughts and experience with this heavenly drink.

You can follow her on Instagram or check out his blog. I personally love her posts and admire her work and passion for coffee.



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