Kou Tea Review 2018– The Best Slimming Tea

Weight loss pills are often labelled as being scam, unhealthy and even life-threatening. You really aren’t aware what ingredients are used and whether or not they are organic.

Of course, they are not…

As a coffee lover, I do have faith that the caffeine in my cup of coffee I drink helps me to some extent shed those extra pounds.

However, not being a fan of ‘so called’ weight loss pills and the side effects they have on your body, especially your liver and kidneys, I was looking for an ‘organic’ alternative.

kou tea review

I remember preparing natural detox juices and teas at home which never worked. All I ended up was pounding on liquid and honestly ‘shit-like’ taste down my throat.

Because I know you are already sick of using those fat-loss and weight loss pills and trying those slimming drinks, I’ve came across something which I personally tried during the past couple of months and can honestly say this thing actually works.

Kou Tea Review – Made from 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

Kou Tea is the new viral thing on the internet. It is a blend of 100% natural ingredients and will help you slim down just by drinking two cups in a day.

Unlike other slimming teas, it won’t leave you dizzy or feeling lethargic at all. In fact, you will feel energized and fresh.

kou tea review

Though the company claims that people who drink two cups of their Kou Tea each day can easily shed up to five pounds in just one week. Though it seems like a drag but to some extent.

My first week, I was hoping to drop my scale by five+ pounds but I was only down by three which isn’t bad at all.

How it Works?

No rocket science, it works by boosting your metabolism, thus turning your body into a fat burning machine.

It also boosts your energy levels which in turn improves your metabolic rate and you will burn more calories than you used to.

Best of all, those evening and late night cravings were gone. It is actually a blend of four weight loss teas but comes with 100% natural and organic ingredients without any artificial flavors or additives.

kou tea review

Four Teas in Kou Tea

  • Oolong Tea: This tea helps to burn stubborn fat from your body, especially around the tummy and love handles. It improves your metabolism and helps to flush out the toxins from your body. Oolong tea is also very effective in fighting stress and depression
  • Pu-erh Tea: This tea helps to lower bad cholesterol levels by flushing out the free radicals from your body
  • Green Tea: Doesn’t need any explanation but it helps a lot in burning fat and improving your metabolic rate dramatically. It is rich with antioxidants and also helps to remove free radicals
  • White Tea: Probably the most flavorful tea you will find. It not only helps to remove harmful toxins from your bloodstream and cells but also makes your skin fresh and healthy

kou tea review

Are Their Any Side-Effects?

Absolutely not! Kou Tea is:

  • 100% natural and organic weight loss tea
  • Manufactured by a very popular company RDK Global
  • Clinically proven
  • Combination of the best and natural slimming teas
  • Has no side-effects

kou tea review


Kou Tea is the best option for women who are fed up trying those weight loss pills that won’t work. It is natural, tasty and guarantees results within weeks.

All you need to do is drink one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon for best results. Make sure to keep a check on your nutrition. Avoid any unhealthy food options.

That’s it guys. I hope this review was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section.

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