How To Make Delicious Iced Coffee At Home

I do love a cup of coffee every morning and evening but like you I also wanted to try something new.

Iced coffee was the pick, and it was a delicious brew.

For most of the coffee lovers, iced coffee may be simply pouring hot coffee in a cup filled with ice cubes. Nope! This will worsen the taste of your coffee.

Make Iced Coffee At Home

In real, iced coffee is cold brewed and preparing coffee this way reduces the acidity of coffee. As a result, sweetness and other flavors are much enhanced.

iced coffee

With that in mind, here is the simplest method of making delicious iced coffee at home.


Step 1

Take a small pot and whisk 1/3 cup of ground coffee in 1 1/3 cups cold water. Keep on whisking until no grounds can be seen.

Step 2

Cover this pot tightly and refrigerate it for about six hours. Do not store it for too long else it will get bitter. The best practice is to refrigerate overnight.

Step 3

After six hours, strain the coffee using a coffee filter-lined strainer over a tall glass of ice and push it via the spatula.

That’s it, your delicious cup of iced is ready to sip. If you want to prepare it in large quantity, use more water and adjust the coffee grounds accordingly.

Other Method To Make Iced Coffee

While not recommended but still you can also try it brewing this way.

iced coffee

Brew It Hot

Start by making coffee as you do daily. Simply brew it hot but make it stronger than usual. It is important since it will be diluted with ice. This way your coffee won’t lose taste after being diluted.

You can also add sugar if you want.

Transferring Into A Carafe

Now transfer the freshly brewed hot and strong coffee into a carafe and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Let it sit there for about an hour and then move it to the refrigerator for another two hours.

Ice Cubes

Take a tall glass and a few ice cubes in it. You can also add sugar, milk or cream as you like.

Finally, pour the chilled coffee directly over the ice cubes and stir it well.

Enjoy your delicious cup of cold coffee.

Coffee Frappe

This method uses crushed ice and is also a popular way of preparing cold coffee.

Firstly, take a cup of freshly brewed and strong coffee and pour into a blender.

Now, take some crushed ice and add it to ¼ cup of milk. You can also add sugar as per taste.

Turn the blender on and blend it for 10 to 20 seconds. After blending, you can add any flavoring to it and blend it again.

Finally, pour into a glass and sip your iced coffee.


So, that’s it, fellow readers. Do try these methods and let us know which one tastes the best. Do you know of a better way of making iced coffee? Feel free to share in comments.

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