Easy Ways To Clean A Permanent Coffee Filter

If your coffee maker comes with a permanent coffee filter or a gold tone filter, you will notice that despite washing it several times there are some coffee stains left and you don’t want them to spoil the taste of freshly brewed beans. Right…?

To be honest, when I bought my first permanent filter coffee maker, I was also confused how to get rid of those stains leftover even after washing it. Before that I had those disposable coffee filters which I would change every now and then.

However, the permanent filters do eliminate the fuss of changing those paper filters again and again but as long as you know how to clean them the right way.

Cleaning A Permanent Coffee Filter

Most of the single brew machines come with a reusable k-cup style filter system. People find it difficult to get rid of those oils building up in the filter that won’t go away easily.

So here is how you can clean a permanent coffee filter:

Cleaning a permanent coffee filter

The Vinegar Magic

I call it magic as it really removes all the stains on my coffee filter. To do this:

  • Start by emptying the coffee grounds in the bin. You can also scatter them in your garden to get rid of mosquitoes and also for slow release of nitrogen
  • Once the grounds are completely removed, run the filter under water. This will help get rid of the excess grounds leftover
  • Now take a bowl, large enough to place the coffee filter in it, and fill it with two parts of water and one part of vinegar. You can also add a tablespoon of baking soda (optional). I recommend using Heinz vinegar as it works the best for me
  • Dip the filter in the solution and let it sit there for 30-45 minutes
  • Remove the filter and this time run it under warm water thoroughly
  • Let it dry before you fit it back in the coffee brewer

Alternatively, if you have a gold tone coffee filter:

Cleaning a permanent coffee filter

  • Use small amount of your regular dishwashing liquid
  • Scrub it gently both on the inside and outside with a small brush
  • Rinse it with warm water and allow it to dry before using again

Though it doesn’t happen but in case the stains are too strong, you may need something strong like Oxyclean or a product I trust a lot is “Cafiza Professional Espresso Machine Cleaner” which helps to get rid of the stubborn coffee residue easily.

Final Words

So, that’s it for today coffee addicts. I hope this guide was helpful in removing those coffee stains off your precious coffee filter and machine. When cleaning your coffee maker, you have to be very careful not to let water seep into its machinery else it will short circuit and won’t be of any use.

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