At night at the fully automatic coffee machine – How do I survive the night shift at the office?

For many people with an office job know the problem: An article still has to be written for the editorial staff or an important event has to be prepared. Perhaps you would simply like to support your colleague in the completion of a project – and the well-deserved end of the day turns into a night shift in the office with a regular walk to the fully automatic coffee machine. In this article you will learn how to survive the work at night and what else you should consider.

Fully automatic coffee machine: savior in distress

Such unplanned night shifts are more common in our society and modern economy than we would like. Being productive or available 24 hours a day is no longer a rarity. Some night owls may be happy if no one in the office at night contests their place at the fully automatic coffee machine. But many early birds suffer particularly from unplanned long working days and nights. As the performance curve of most people is sinusoidal, concentration decreases noticeably and it is particularly difficult to return to the previous work level.


If you know in advance that there is still work to be done, you can better prepare for the operation with enough sleep the previous night. You should also drink enough and be careful to eat properly. Light meals are best to avoid the notorious “soup coma”. Many swear by the fully automatic coffee machines in the office to survive such long nights in the office.

Effect of coffee

The stimulating effect of coffee is undisputed: a cup contains 100 mg of caffeine, which stimulates the circulation, dilates the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the brain. The effect of caffeine develops approximately 20 to 30 minutes after ingestion. Spread in small doses throughout the night, coffee can help maintain the ability to concentrate, so that even time-critical projects can be completed.


If you are not alone in the office, the walk to the fully automatic coffee machine can also stimulate creativity if you combine it with a short break to brainstorm with your colleagues. In any case, during such a night shift sufficient movement should be ensured; short walks through the office and fresh air at the open window make lively. A few stretching exercises can also help you stay awake. Treat yourself to coffee from the fully automatic coffee machine and a few small snacks such as paprika or cucumber, which give you an extra boost of freshness on long nights.

One last tip: Reward yourself for the work you have done after a night’s sleep and then quickly return to your usual sleep rhythm.

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