Is espresso is coffee?

Coffee is espresso is coffee? the main difference lies in the roasting process.

Espresso is known as a rather darker coffee bean and the typical filter coffee can be recognized by its lighter roasting.

However, the basis of every coffee drink is always the same: the green coffee beans.

These mostly come from the same growing areas as South America and Africa or Asia.

Espresso roasts are roasted for between 15 and a maximum of 30 minutes, coffee roasts are much less than 5-13 minutes, depending on the roasting process.

The very much longer roasting time makes the espresso bean darker and the coffee oils and fats partly come out and form a shiny surface on the bean.

Filtered coffee beans are always dry and have a rather dull surface.

Green coffee makes the taste – especially when it comes to coffee

The longer you roast green beans, the less the flavors of green coffee come out.

Conversely, in the case of light roasts, the quality of the green coffee is very good or is missing if it was of a lower quality.

The many citrusy nuances of the Third-Wave generation (Cold Brew, etc.) really come into their own and contribute greatly to the fact that the filter coffee has made a real comeback.

espresso coffee

Many small local roasters present it to the Italians and roast light varieties, which bring many different tastes into the cups, as with the Craft Beer.

Here, espresso roasts have far less variety to offer, as they have less and less taste peaks from a certain degree of roasting (approx. degree of roasting 3).

In our assortment, especially Blasercafe from Switzerland and Gorilla have real coffee house blends.

Coffee is what you make of it

Basically, you can make a good filter coffee from any espresso bean. Here too, it is important to find the right grinding degree and quantity as well as brewing temperature.

If the variables are correct, then you can brew an excellent filter coffee from an espresso bean.

Modifications such as Americano or Lungo are also very popular these days and can all be made from espresso beans. What they all have in common is that coffee can quickly become bitter when brewing longer.

In order to avoid this point, you should simply optimize the grinding degree, etc. to stay in the time window of less than 30 seconds.

Espresso has less caffeine

Espresso is usually drunk in 20-30ml portions, a cup of coffee usually 125ml. The mere quantity of coffee alone suggests that a cup of black coffee must have more caffeine.

If an espresso is made from 100% Arabica beans, it usually contains less caffeine than robust bean blends. At the end of the day, it’s the crowd at the end. A little espresso never hurt.

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