The Cheapest Espresso in Italy

Expensive espresso in the north, cheap coffee in the south?

Normally, one always imagines that the espresso at the bar becomes cheaper and cheaper as one moves on to southern Italy. After all, the citizens of the economically stronger north of Italy should have more change for consumption than the “poorer” southern Italians. But the map shows a very different picture of the price of an espresso. Caffé is on average more expensive in the north than in the south, but again more expensive in Sicily than in the middle of Italy.

The cheapest espresso costs 0.75 Euro per cup

If you want to spend as little as possible on your espresso, you should go to Bari. There you can get your favourite espresso from as little as 0.75 euros in one of the many coffee bars. In Italy, espresso is often called “Caffè” and not espresso. Probably every German holidaymaker makes this mistake, it gets even more embarrassing when you order these little barns as “Expresso”. In Milan, coffee is surprisingly one of the least expensive. On average, a cup of espresso in Italy costs 0.96 euros (as of 2015).shot in cup


Cheap coffee doesn’t have to be bad!

A good coffee is part of everyday life in Italy. And the Italians don’t buy large espresso machines for their home and even at work, plastic cups are usually used to make capsule coffee without much flair and ambience. It is a nice change to go to the coffee bar of his trust and get a fresh espresso from the barista. In most coffee bars in Italy the espresso is really excellent. Partly also with relatively cheap coffee beans. However, the customer frequency, the soft water, the constant brewing temperature and the perfectly adjusted coffee grinders ensure perfect results.

The further south, the less in the cup.

Ristretto is the buzz word – a few drops of coffee with full coffee flavour. The further south, the less liquid in millilitres you find in your cup. The Southerner loves it strong and powerful like Izzo, Kimbo or Passalacqua. So in the south, you pay the most for the liquid amount of coffee.

espresso italy

Who actually earns how much in espresso?

It’s a long way to the cup. The so-called value-added chain is becoming increasingly profitable in the end. Producers of green coffee, mostly from Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam and Guatemala, earn an average of 0.02 euros per cup. The roasting plants, still 800 in Italy (as of 2015), earn 0.18 euros per cup. At the end of the day, the coffee bars can therefore achieve the highest margin of 0.96 euros per espresso portion. An average bar in Italy should make 300-500 cups a day to survive.

How much does coffee cost in Germany?

Whoever prepares his coffee at home in Germany does not necessarily have to pay more than in Italy. From 1 kg of espresso beans, you can get 120 coffee cups at an average of 7-8 grams per portion. With a price per kg of 20 euros, the espresso costs us only 0.166 euros. With a kilogram price of 12 euro it is even only 10 cent per cup. At Espressissimo you will find a large selection of “affordable” and good coffees which, for a small price, make a really great Italian coffee and espresso, such as Danesi Coffee. Just a few of them are: Zicaffè il tuo, Del Moro Aromatico, Lucaffe Mamma Lucia or the Mocambo Gran Bar.

You can still get something for the small change that you often collect in a money box. For only 75 cents, you can have the cheapest espresso in Italy in Bari (as of 2015). And it will certainly still taste good: -)

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