Baby Monkey Passes Out For 10 Hour From Caffeine Overdose After Stealing Tourist’s Strong Coffee

A baby monkey recently passed out for 10 hours from caffeine overdose after he stole tourist’s strong coffee.

The thirsty long-tailed macaque stole brew from a tourist’s motorbike and after he drank it, fell ill and collapsed.

He was rushed to vets immediately.

baby monkey

The poor soul learnt it the hard way as to why you shouldn’t steal other people’s coffee.

He slurped down a full cup of joe nicked from a tourist.

As per the news, this thirsty baby monkey jumped on the tourist’s motorbike in Thai capital Bankok’s Bang Khun Thien district and in no time drank the brew.

He leapt off the motorbike and collapsed in no time, to the horror of nearby tourists.

After the alarming situation, veterinarians were in no time on the scene and administered the emergency aid in the form of carbon and saline solution until he was finally came around at 3am the next morning.

baby monkey

The Khon Rak Ling Hua Jai Kraeng online community page reported this incident saying, “The male monkey, which is around six months old, had probably tried to copy the human who had been sipping from the drink a short while before.”

After the vets were confident that the baby monkey had recovered and is no longer suffering from ill effects, he was released back into the care of its troop.

baby monkey

Also, for special care, a warden was asked to keep as eye on this innocent fellow and the members of public were advised to be careful in leaving eatables and drinks around in the area.

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