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An Addict’s Guide to
Beloved Coffee

Find out how the world began drinking coffee and the stories that shaped the influence of it all. From its first inception at the earliest of days back in the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia until the present day. The story of how coffee became an empire is impressive and informative. You’ll know by the end of this story the reason why coffee has had such a profound effect on society.

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Types of Coffee

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A lifetime of tasting would not be enough to indulge in palette of all sophisticated coffee flavors.

Innovative, refined types of the world’s most favorite drink keep intriguing even the most skilled coffee professionals. Let us take you on a thrilling voyage where you will find out more on different sorts of coffee, thick and rich textures, delicious foams and cremas and brew methods.You will learn how to use vacuum to craft the perfect coffee cup, how espresso is made, why and when we need a cotton cloth to reach sweet and silky structure and which plant is a secret ingredient of a famous brew technique! Sounds like fun?

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History of Coffee

An old Arab legend started it all.

The story begins with a goat herder named Kaldi who was tending his herd in the Ethiopian plateau. To his surprise, his goat was eating the berries from a strange tree that did not make them sick. That night his goats did not want to sleep and were full of energy. After bringing some of these berries to a local monastery, he told his story the abbot.

The abbot decided to make a drink from the berries and discovered the truth of what they could do. After that, the news of this energizing berry began to spread. So much so that it quickly started to spread further as news and travelers peddled this amazing bean even further into the rest of the world.

It didn’t take long that the cultivation of coffee began to fuel a whole new popular culture in the 15th century. It spread further into Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. By the 1600s, coffee was being enjoyed in society on all levels. It became known as qahveh khaneh’ and was popular in coffee houses all across the Near East.

It was a celebrated drink and encouraged people to be more conversational. Coffee was also served to people who listened to music, playing chess, and watching performers act. Coffee houses especially became hubs for rising Schools of the Wise’. It was even called the wine of Araby’ at one point.

Thanks to European travelers who ventured into the Near East, learn of this amazing dark-colored drink. The Europeans started to bring back samples and toyed around with these coffee beans. It didn’t take long to see why the Arab people loved this drink so much. By 1615, it reached Venice and was condemned by local clergy members.

They called it the bitter invention of Satan’, and began a campaign to stop it. The news eventually reached Pope Clement VIII and he was forced to investigate the issue. Upon trying it for the first time, he was so impressed he gave his official approval. From that point in time, coffee was out of the gate and running!

It quickly spread into northern Europe and became further popular in a culture that welcomed it. Coffee houses began to bloom in countries including England, France, Germany, Austria, and Holland. These were especially popular for like-minded people who could engage in conversation in what was called ‘penny universities’.

It even replaced breakfast drinks like wine or beer in the morning for labor workers and made them better workers. This is perhaps why modern offices have a coffee station. By the 1700s there were over 300 coffee shops throughout London. They attracted poets, authors, and like-minded people from all over the city. Even the famous Lloyd’s of London was formed when future business members met at Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House.

It wasn’t until 1773 that new taxation on tea in the American colonies caused a revolt that started it all. It seemed that Thomas Jefferson declared that coffee was the drink of the civilized world. A statement that led to the revolt called the Boston Tea Party, and eventually to America’s independence from Britain in 1776.

Ever since then, coffee is celebrated in America and practically all over the world. It’s no surprise that coffee houses are still just as popular as they were back then. Coffee is a social activity that brings out the best in people. Tea houses just never seem to catch on anymore.

Brewing Coffee

The first sip of a morning coffee is the most sacred moment of the day. Therefore, it better be a delicious one.

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This is the reason many dare to take on a challenge of brewing their own coffee. The way coffee is brewed defines its taste, intensity and overall flavor. From French Press, Nel Drip or Siphon to funky New Orleans brew, each of these techniques makes your cup a one-of-a-kind experience. We’ll even discuss how flavor is effected when using some of the traditional drip coffee brewing methods. During the brewing process hundreds of unique compounds are extracted from the ground beans, creating the perfect coffee cup. But to achieve the superb final result you need to experiment with a mix of various tools: pots, cups, filters and presses. No worries, we are here to teach you all you need to know. The basics start with patience, will to learn and love for the world’s most adored drink! Find out how to play the right way and make your own wonder brew!

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How to Buy Coffee

How to Buy Coffee

When it comes to buying coffee not any old bag of beans will do. If your after full flavor only the freshest and beans will do.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to select the best beans for your pallet. With so many vendors, including your local grocery store, speciality supermarket, local roasters, online vendors like you should understand the difference in quality. Not all beans are created equal nor are they the same when it comes to freshness. You’ll want to avoid buying coffee that is known for being sold past its freshness date. We’ll explain what to look for when looking to score the freshest coffee.

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What Makes Coffee So Irresistible?

The first sip of a morning coffee is the most sacred moment of the day. Therefore, it better be a delicious one.

The age-old practice of drinking coffee includes a history that included Arab wise men, Men of Industries, and even the drink of Kings. But the practice underwent several decisions that even influenced the Pope back in 1615! What became a sensation that is still celebrated today is a lesson that you’ll find more than fascinating

By the time you sit down to read this with your coffee, you never thought what your coffee is? It is a bean, yes- most of us already know that. But the journey that it takes to get to you is often a long hard road. The coffee bean itself is part of a plant that goes through a very long process of growing those beans.

The cherry of the coffee bean itself has to be picked at just the right time when it’s ripe. After that, it goes through many more steps to get it to the point that you can grind it up. Join us for an amazing journey that takes you to where it all starts. After that, you’ll end up being a bit of an expert in the field of understanding what coffee is.

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What Makes Coffee So Irresistible

It Starts
with the Beans

How well do you know your coffee beans? There are so many types? Well, wrong actually, since there are just 4 different types. Then the factors of how they are selected, roasted and blended all come into play. You might have several hundreds of selected roasts that are blended with other beans too.

It’s enough to make your head spin if you don’t have a firm grasp on how to understand coffee beans. Within this article, you will learn the basics, but follow us further and learn the whole reason why these four bean types all are different.

As mentioned before, there are just four main types of coffee beans. There is Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Each has a distinct flavor and different caffeine levels. They can be roasted to different degree, from light roast to dark roast. And while some can be good with cream and sugar, others will not. There can be fruity essence and some have a hint of not tasting like coffee at all.

For the full story itself, be sure to grab a fresh cup and sit back and enjoy this refresher course. It will be your chance to learn about what separates the four coffee bean types.

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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Is there more magnificent story than the one about the essence of coffee – coffee beans?

Right here, you will find out a bunch of mind-blowing facts, interesting details and useful insights about what makes the core of a drink all of us adore.
Would you ever guess coffee beans are red cherries of a bush that grows with gorgeous white flowers?

What about a thrilling fact that they are actually a fruit that can live up to a century! Come along and find out all about the types of coffee beans, their cultivation, process of production and taste.

We will stun you with stories about exquisite Arabica, strong Robusta and rare Liberica and Excelsa.

You will be amused to find out how many beans can fill one typical coffee sack or why Beethoven would be every barista’s nightmare customer.

We are inviting you to join us on a journey around the globe to learn more on each bean sort and what makes them unique! First destination – Colombia!

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Grinding Coffee

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No mater what beans you’re using getting the grind right is key for flavor you’re after. Too fine an you’re in for a bitter surprise, too course and you can expect a weak cup of joe. Once the grind size is decided based on the brewing method the grinder you select is key.

We’ll breakdown what you’ll need to understand about grinding coffee and the most popular types of grinders including our detailed product reviews on each.

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffee or cold brew? Or maybe iced coffee? Which one to pick and what are the differences?

No worries, we are here to clear the mess! Learn all the secrets of a perfect cold brew in a story of this heavenly refreshing drink.

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Taste and flavor

The coffee tasting experts have a 6th sense when it comes to identifying coffee. It’s called a palate. This is when you use the entire tongue to taste coffee and determine its hidden properties. How many times have you noticed the flavor and taste of your coffee are just not making you happy?

This is probably a sign that your coffee bean itself might have been affected somewhere along the way. Most of us don’t even realize the coffee beans can expire too. Understanding coffee flavor and the taste is important to learn since we can discover even more. There are types of beans that are grown al over the world, and they all have different tastes.

If you want to learn how to become a real coffee connoisseur, the first step is easy. All you need to have is a passion for trying new types of coffee beans. Come and learn how.

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Taste and flavor

Know your roast

Coffee beans are roasted to drive out the moisture inside the bean itself. It helps the bean to become dry and easier to grind up, but more importantly, it determines the flavor. The type of roast will affect prominent flavors that each type of coffee bean can offer. Some of us prefer mild tasting coffee while others enjoy a strong hearty taste.

Find out how roasting can unlock flavors you never knew existed. You can even find out how roasted coffee beans can inform you on brands of beans you’ll want to try. Let us be your host on knowing your roast.

Know your roast

Roasting beans

A true coffee beans roaster is a half-mad scientist and coffee genius all in one. It’s a process that takes precision timing and knowledge of the equipment they use. Like a musician tuning their instrument, the coffee roaster is a master of the arts. They can turn selected beans into a symphony of flavors that can be adjusted to your tastes.

But that’s not all since roasting beans is not only the job of an expert, you can do it yourself. The equipment doesn’t need to be professional-grade though you do need to know the rules of roasting. And for all the amateur bean roasters out there, there is a lesson to learn. You know you’ve roasted the beans too long when they get burnt.

Join us for a comprehensive guide to roasting coffee beans for yourself. You might not become a master roaster but will give you a closer look at how the process is done. After all, is said and done, you might be motivated to start roasting yourself and cut-down the prices you’re paying for pre-roasted beans.

You might even take it a step further and start your own roasting business. Much like the beer crafting market in the early ’90s, coffee roasting is coming back strong.

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Recent health reports have taken a different approach to the effect of coffee on your body. The truth is even more satisfying than ever before. It turns out that coffee does improve your health, so don’t let the naysayers ruin your day. There are many great reasons to enjoy the coffee that you have never heard before. We’ll look at all of them.

That doesn’t mean that coffee can have negative side effects, there’s the saying about too much of a good thing. Come and explore the reasons how too much coffee can hurt your health. We don’t want to spoil your day with bad news, but preventing and informing is our job.

Learn to identify why your stomach hurts after drinking coffee and how you can prevent it from ever happening again. Come and read about the best coffee health guidelines further and stay one step ahead of the crowd.

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